How do I add a photo gallery to my blog?

Using Cincopa Media Center you can add a photo gallery.
Please follow the steps below to get your free account.

Getting Started with Cincopa Media Center

Go to your dashboard.
Looking at the menu bar on the top of your screen;
Click on: My Blogs ? (your blog name) ? Dashboard

In your Dashboard, near the bottom is a Cincopa Window.
Click on the “Get Started” button in the Cincopa window.

Step One: Get your Free Account.
Fillout the new account registration.
Click on create account and a confirmation email will be sent to your address.
Click on the confirmation link in your email.
You will go to the Email Confirmed page.

Step Two: Login to Cincopa Media.
Click on “Sign In” at the top right of the page.
On the Media Platform page, click on My Galleries.
Login with your new username and password.
Sign in at the login window on the right.

Step Three: Create a Gallery.
On the My Galleries page, click on “Create your first” gallery.
On the Media Platform page, click on “Photos”.
Select a photo viewer type from the “Select a skin” box.
Adjust the Basic Setting if you like. Do not use Premium Settings.
Click on “Save Setting and Continue >>”

Step 4: Upload your Photos.
On the File Upload page, choose your upload method.
If you have Flash installed, use “Option 1″, otherwise use “Option 3″.
Choose a folder name, default is “main”, but choose a name that describes the photo gallery.

Click on “Select Files” to open the file chooser.
You can upload files from your computer or from sites like Facebook, Flicker, Photobucket and Picasa.

You can select entire groups using your Shift key and mouse.
You will see the list displayed in the upload window.
You can add or remove pictures.

Click on “Start Upload” and you will see a progress bar for each picture.
On a 750kbps DSL line I had upload times of approximately 1MB per minute.

Notes on Picture Sizes and Types.
Please note, maximum file size is 100MB, and your available storage is 400MB.
A typical SecondLife high quality full screen PNG photo is almost 1MB.
The same picture converted to JPG or JPEG is only 100KB.
So you can store 400 PNG photos or 4,000 JPG photos.

Step Five: Finish your Upload
After all the files have uploaded, click on “Continue”.
On the Set Caption and Description Page, edit your photo text.
Click on “Save and continue >>”.

Step Six: Get your Gallery Embed Code.
In the box “For WordPress:” there is an embed code.
It is in brackets [ ], starts with “cincopa” and ends with a code “ABC123xyz456″.

Copy the entire embed code including the brackets and save it in Notepad.

Step Seven: Add your Gallery to your Page.
Go to your blog or page and select edit.
Make certain you are in HTML edit mode, not Visual.
Paste the embed code into the blog and then click Update.

When you view your page, you will see the photo gallery.

Step Eight: Tell your friends!